Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miller and Robertson

Donald Miller has a thoughtful response to statements made by Pat Robertson about why the Haitians deserve what they are suffering.

Donald Miller's thoughtfulness prevented me from throwing a stapler through a wall.

Thanks, Donald.

Just my thoughts,



Linds said...

Hey, he stopped me from enacting violence upon inanimate arguments, too! So happy to have someone like Miller show me a more righteous reaction than my own.

David Goulet said...

I work for an NGO and we still have no contact with our local team in Haiti, nor the condition of an orphanage we support which was near the epicenter.

I'd advise Mr. Robertson to not stop by our offices any time soon.

Gaffney said...

David - Will be praying for the orphanage. What is the name of the orphanage, if you don't mind sharing that?

David Goulet said...

Prayers answered already! We just heard that the orphanage is one of the few structures in its community still standing and not a single loss of life.

Name of orphanage:
House of Hope!!!!

Gaffney said...

Great news! Much needed to hear good things, with all the horrors being faced there now.

Hope indeed.