Monday, November 03, 2008

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Apropos to my Halloween discussion on what we fear, I found this in the middle of Don Miller's blog:

"Last year I vowed I wouldn’t make decisions out of fear. And because of that I’ve had one of the greatest years of my life. I went to Uganda and got to meet with the man who helped write their constitution. I wrapped up an evangelism project I believe will introduce more than a million people to the gospel. I rode my bike across America. All of this stuff took some degree of risk. But when calculating those risks, I realized the only reason not to try was fear. What if I was wrong, what if I couldn’t make it, what if the project didn’t work? But none of my heroes are controlled by fear. The commandment most often repeated in scripture, in fact, is “do not fear.” Fear is often something unrighteous trying to keep you from doing something good."

Donald's blog entry isn't about Halloween, but rather politics, so if you're sick of politics, well, you've been warned.

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David Goulet said...

I'd just qualify that 'do not fear' exhortation, which is often misconstrued to suggest Christians should have no fear at all. It is human to be afraid. As Don says the key is not to give in to it. I imagine Jesus feared crucifixion -- as any man would. Without fear there would be no courage.

So my advice echoes a certain movie tagline: be afraid, be very afraid. Then find the courage to storm the Gates of Hell anyway!

Linds said...

I just listen to Derek Webb's "In God We Trust" over and over again until I realign my thought with spiritual reality. :) Studying history helps too - sometimes I get way to American in my Christian thinking.