Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do You Like Books? I Think They're Super

In what is among the screwiest of clauses any client has made me sign, the legal department of a certain company says that they will sue me if I mention or cause to be mentioned that I work for them or for their project.

On what I am sure is a completely unrelated topic, my friend John Schafer has posted a video about a project that he is working on.

To be clear, I am not claiming that I am or am not involved in John’s project; but I can say that I am featured in the video, and you are free to draw your own conclusions.

I’m pretty excited about John’s project. John and the team he has assembled – Sean Roche, Tom and Rob – are professionals at the top of their craft.

They each in their areas are constantly pushing for better storytelling, stronger art and a general “what’s the very best that we can do with this?” attitude.

I’ve seen enough projects in this arena that are content with whatever will sell, or talking down to their audience, to know how special it is to have a team like this working together.

I wish John the greatest of continued blessings for his project.

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

This looks like a great project and I congratulate those working on it. That may, or may not, include you Sean.

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks cool... except if you happen to know the people working on it I think the kids looks a little preppy. (I think I saw that look on a Christian kid once... but it was in the 50's...)

Anyway, I like the idea though.

My 2 cents...


Anonymous said...

I have to say it: Supercool!


Nathan said...

Nice one. I remember this series when I was a kid...

Clare said...

Love it. I remember you blowing my mind with some insight on the David & Goliath story, (about how he was trained in fighting, he picked up three stones, not just one, he was ready for battle, etc, rather than it just being a random "miracle of great faith" thing) Them kids what will see this series are some fortunate kids.

Gaffney said...

Thanks, Clare! I'd like to think so. Oh, and Ben - I believe the costumes are based on current international school uniforms, so they won't feel so preppy outside of the US.