Monday, November 24, 2008

Fraggle Hope

Given my push lately for THE WATCHMEN, which is a cynical pleasure at best, I enjoyed seeing Cory's call for a little optimism.

Check out Cory's blog for a comparison of Fraggles and Star Trek.

I also have to say that my optimism gland got a little artificial push by Vicki foisting a little bit of the truly fun/awful THE PIRATE MOVIE on her "friends" this weekend.

"Give me a happy ending, every time!" And now, sadly, I know the hand movements that go with that.

Please understand, Vicki knows this is a bad movie, but still loves it. I suppose we all need a little bit o' that "yeah, I know, but still..." in our lives.

Buckaroo Banzai, anyone?

Just my thoughts,



Janet said...

I *Love* BUCKAROO BANZAI!... Wait... you're not saying it's a bad movie, are you?

Gaffney said...

I am not saying Buckaroo is a bad movie -- just a cheesy pleasure! And one that deserves multiple viewings. No matter what the critics say...

Cory said...

One Buckaroo Banzai screening coming up. Bring your spurs.

Omar Poppenlander said...

Buckaroo Banzai is genius. But you have to be a geek to enjoy all of the campy pleasures it has to offer. Many of my non-geeky friends just don't get it.