Sunday, August 19, 2007


I’ve got ants in my freezer.

I don’t mean exotic, frozen chocolate covered treats. Ants have found their way into my freezer.

Hundreds of them, every day, find a way through all the seals into my freezer.

Where they die of the cold. And Cath or I clean them out, making room for the hundred or so more to follow, finding their way into our freezer to die.

As I understand it, ants don’t swarm until there is something to swarm about. One ant finds food, sends out word, and they orderly file up, get food, and file away.

They swarm our cat’s food. I get that.

They swarm the dishes that I forgot to clean last night. I get that.

But what is the advantage of mass freezercide?

Is it a cult thing? Is there a Jim Jones ant who can’t find Kool-aid?

Or is it a misguided quest for the mother lode – a Ponce de Leant leading followers toward a mythical fountain of food?

Cath thinks that we are now the owners of the Legendary Ant Graveyard, where all ants go to die. Doesn't look anywhere near as awe-inspiring as the elephant version.

The bigger question is – how does one stop suicidal ants? We have wiped down the edges with a mint spray, which doesn’t seem to take.

For obvious reasons, we are reluctant to Raid our fridge. (Pun unintended. But I like it. So let's pretend I intended the pun.)

Alas. Perhaps we should just take it as a blessing and learn to like frozen chocolate-covered ants.

Just my thoughts,



Anonymous said...

The only way to get rid of them is to stop killing them as you see them. Instead you need to put ant bait out. They will eat it and take back to their nest and it will kill them. You can probably find them at a local hardware store or some place that specializes in pest control supplies. It's gross and it takes a couple of days but the alternative is forever killing the ants individually.

Anonymous said...

As Hagrid said, "Follow the spiders." That is, ants follow tracks. The tracks will lead back to a place outside the freezer (and maybe outside the apartment) where they can more safely be nuked. But watch out for Aragog.


Gaffney said...

We have the bait traps -- but not in the freezer. And the frozen ants don't live long enough to take any back.

As to the trails -- Can't find how they are getting in -- and the ants disappear into the walls. We are in a second floor apartment.

Good suggestions -- keep them coming.

Linds said...

I've heard they won't cross duct tape (sticky side up) because it will pull their legs off, but (1) I've never witnessed this propensity and (2) I think it's pretty mean.

janet said...

if you can find the holes where they come in (and they can be smaller than a pinprick), try covering them with clear nail polish. Lots and lots of clear nail polish.

They'll just find other holes, of course...