Thursday, August 16, 2007

Long Time No Write

So, it’s been two weeks.

Wish I had great excuses for no blogging in that time. I do have a few mediocre ones…

Started with a trip to Atlanta – I’m consulting with ArtWithin, who commissioned five screenplays over the past year. The writers are on draft 4ish; and with each draft, I give my feedback.

This time the feedback came with table reads (with a full complement of actors) and workshops – a full week of working on the five scripts.

When negotiating my pay for this gig, Cath suggested that one perk I should demand is that AW pay to send her with me on one of the trips; a perk that backfired as Cath had to spend a week in record breaking heat and humidity. That’ll teach her for wanting to spend time with me!

The work was productive; as was some of the down time. Both Cath and I finished a certain tome on a boy wizard; the title escapes me. Something about a deadly Halloween, or something. I’m sure you wouldn’t have heard of it.

Must say Cath had the best of the reading time – sitting on the porch of a lake house under a fan, facing the water while visiting a world of elves and dragons and people whose names shouldn’t be mentioned (no, really, don’t mention them this time).

I finished the final chapters between script meetings and writer’s exercises and Bible studies. Still worth it.

I moved on from there to Gogol’s DEAD SOULS – colorful, fantasy Hogwarts to colorful, satirical Russia. Not a bad leap.

And Cath grew more active in the screenplay development process, lending her acting chops to the readings. She soon became highly requested by the authors, lending her craftsmanship to driving the readings and providing much needed color.

Oh, and I managed to squeeze in a little re-writing on some shorts as well.

So that’s my excuse for the first week of silence…

More later.

Just my thoughts,


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