Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Auditions and the J Man

The Bible is chock full of saints holding auditions, from Samuel picking through Jesse’s boys looking for the next Israeli Idol, to the apostles running interviews to figure out who should be in charge of widow and orphan care.

But I suppose the most un-Christ-like Biblical figure – going by the “nice” and “inoffensive at all costs” definition – has to be Jesus himself.

As has been mentioned in the responses to this blog, Jesus held auditions.

He had hundreds of followers trailing after him – all wanting to be part of the inner circle. But Jesus thought that number unwieldy. So he observed, interacted, then went off to the mountain to pray.

And when he came back down, he asked twelve to step forward, and told the rest, “Thank you very much for trying out.”

[And even within the twelve, there were a couple that he kept giving the best roles to. Notice that Bart and Thad didn’t get the mountain top transformation experience.]

Did this ruffle feathers? You bet.

Imagine if you were one of the goodly followers, and Jesus rejected you for one of those uppity son-of-thunder boys, or the over-loud (and smelly) fisherman, or that violent zealot, or the (perish the thought) tax man.

People quit following over it. Several second guessed Jesus over it. Many squabbled for years over it.

And Jesus?

He just said, “Get over it.”

He didn’t feel the need to justify his being choosy. He didn’t apologize, or promise the unchosen that they would get to be apostles the next time around. He didn’t expand the apostle ring to make smaller apostlette positions so everyone could get a turn.

He didn’t even blog endlessly about his reasons.

He just did his best to pick and train the group needed to create the church, even if that meant not being nice at all costs.

Like I said, not very Christ-like of him.

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Anonymous said...

Many are called back but few are chosen?


Angela said...

A friend of mine linked your posts in her blog. I am dealing with this issue RIGHT EXACTLY NOW in my church. This is incredibly reassuring to me to hear your words and be reminded of rock bottom truth. After so many people give you a speech about watered down Christianity, I sometimes start wondering if I'm wrong about requiring their best. Thanks for throwing my doubt to the curb.

Clare said...

I've heard this said in so many frustrated, different ways...but this is the one to post on the mountaintop. This made me laugh out loud and dance the jig of honest glee. This truth could set the congregation free! Ah now, if only the pastors would back it up. Onward, Gaffney, it is my opinion you are gifted at truthiness.

regina doman said...


Great post!

I just auditioned a model two days ago for a book cover. I started out by saying, "You know, this is highly unfair, because it all comes down to how you look. Which is something you had nothing to do with anyhow." Fortunately, he was fine with it. I'm so glad when people understand that!