Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Serious Silly

This past week I finished a second draft on an hour long pilot (to be shot next month), directed the majority of scenes for my THE DRACULA FILES prequel,wrote two short films (also to be shot next month-- but the client rejected one of them), gave a critique, reviewed five sketches with my church group, and had a strategy meeting for a new children's book project.

And I just finished the first of six feature scripts that need to be read and reviewed by Thursday.

But first I have to be funny. About an unfunny thing.

I've been hired to help lighten a video special on "protecting your child from predators." The creators rightly think that the special will get rather heavy, and want a few comedic bits thrown in to make the journey more tolerable.

Not an unprecedented tactic. From Shakespeare lightening his tragedies with comedic characters to LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL finding the humor in the horrors of the holocaust, writers have protected their audiences from depression overload with comedy.

But for someone who can't even watch LAW & ORDER: SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE, this assignment is especially tricky.

I have one of the two scripts down (see above), and have one more to do.

So tonight, between reading about the man in the moon and a greeting card company, I'll be telling the tale of a goofy dad and a silly son.

Wish me luck.

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