Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pouring Rain

So now that I've said how busy I am, let me tell you:

I'm sick. Out all day with a throat screaming in pain, which has become a clogged head.

Oh, and my desktop computer won't start. So no access to e-mails or general files, or my calendar.

Because attempting to juggle all the projects due plus a full week at WB and plans to make a short film were way too easy...

Things that caught my attention since the last post:

Our worship leader at church mentioning that eternity isn't something that happens later, but is something that starts right now.

And friend Jodi giving a devotional to my church drama group, focusing on coming to Jesus "like little children." Lots of cool stuff in her chat, but I was expressly grabbed by a children's story she read that talked of a place where all people were graded by either gold stars or gray dots. Anyone in town could put stickers on you -- gold or gray, depending on their judgments.

Of course, the hero of the story only wanted to get a bunch of stars stuck to him, and not dots. Until he met a girl that neither stars nor dots could stick to -- she had spent time with the maker, and didn't put stock in either the good or bad judgments of anyone else.

That's an oversimplification of an already simple story, but there's the gist.

Put me in mind of a story of John Houseman when he ran the Acting Company. He wouldn't let his actors read their reviews -- good or bad -- because he felt they would start performing for the reviewers and not for the company.

Just my muddled thoughts,



Anonymous said...

Sad to hear I missed Jodi's cool devotion. Reminded me of a Veggie Tales I love - - a "Dr. Suess"like episode where a creature meets his maker. Very nice stuff.


Jeffrey Overstreet said...


Get some rest. Put garlic in everything you eat. Echinacea IS helpful, especially in combination with Vitamin C and Zinc. Drink a lot of tea. Sleep.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well.

I wish I had a prescription for your computer.

Congrats on the writing gig and the extra printings! I wish I could get to an extra printing of "Through a Screen Darkly" so I could release a new edition with the typos corrected...


Gaffney said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Having been hitting a lot of all of the above. Even dumped zinc filled tea onto my computer (didn't seem to help).

Here's to the next printing of "Darkly..." May it come soon!

Write well, my friend.