Sunday, July 08, 2007

Busy Business

Business is good. Zondervan sent me word that both LARRYBOY AND THE SINISTER SNOWDAY and LARRYBOY AND THE EMPEROR OF ENVY have gone to additional printings.

And an out-of-town producer has hired me to spend the next month writing a television pilot.

Catherine got her SAG card (Screen Actor's Guild).

Willow Creek is producing a short I wrote for use in their service.

I have two more shorts being produced through Yake Films, this time for Carman 5 Star Entertainment.

And I'm hoping to shoot a prequel for my THE DRACULA FILES project at the end of July.

All to say that I am too busy to sit here writing to you about random stuff like what I have going on business-wise these days. But I just did, so... there.

Go watch a T.J. Dallas video and entertain yourself for awhile.

Just my thoughts,


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