Tuesday, April 19, 2011

North to Alaska, No, Uh, North to Florida, Uh, Forget It

2nd Monday is a travel day as we say goodbye to our Hobart hosts and travel up to Cairns (or as the locals call it, Cans. Which is confusing, because they call "cans" "tins." And we certainly aren't visiting Tins.)

We went from wear layers need a fire use an electric blanket world to hot at night wear shorts where's the air conditioning land. Good thing we brought a variety of clothing options.

Except our luggage didn't make it all the way up here, deciding to do some sight-seeing in Sydney without us. Which is silly, because we have the camera, so our luggage won't have any photos of their time without us.

Alas, alack. We are told that the luggage will arrive before tomorrow. We shall see.

The evening brings a walk along the esplanade, which is a word meaning "Lucy is in trouble," as in (insert Cuban accent here) "Lucy, you have some esplanading to do!"

Dinner at an outdoor cafe and shopping at the nightmarkets, and I'm ready to call it a day.

(Already miss the fireside evening chats with our Hobart hosts. Tried sitting on the check-in counter and reminiscing about the good ol' arts festival days with the night clerk, but it wasn't quite the same thing. He didn't even offer to make a cuppa for me!)

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