Friday, April 29, 2011

Animation, James Bondi and Books

3rd Wednesday and we head to John's work for a tour of the animation studio. Gotta say, pretty dang cool.

Then another walk. We bus to the famous Bondi Beach (insert Scottish accent - James Bondi Beach). Most famous for the start of lifeguarding. Yep, without this place there would be (shudder to think it) no Baywatch Nights.

We walk from there to Bronte Beach, where I can't help but think my book club is following me. I give up walking in case we hit a Tolstoy Bay - who has time to walk through a Russian novel?

At night, The girls drool over - Uh, I mean watch an early Hugh Jackman film while I find a tournament at a local pub. (6th out of 35 or so.)

3rd Thursday is another stormy day, so we devote our hours to discussions on writing, and then some actual writing! Add in reading and more gabbing, and we quickly fill the day.

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