Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Big Trip Day One

Saturday night was the flight - 15 hours to Melbourne before a transfer to a flight to Hobart. To help pass the time, I watched "Red" and "The Next Three Days." Cath watched "How Do You Know."

Her flight took 23 hours. 

First day down under was about relaxing. 

Pick up from the airport by hosts John and Ros; driving tour of the area; and a nap (to make it an authentic Aussie experience, we napped in a counterclockwise direction).

We dined in, sharing our time and hosts with their daughter Ruth and her family. (Thank you Caleb for the thoughts on "The Hunger Games.")

In addition to food, we dined on conversation ranging from school discipline (it's hard to convince the kids that racing their wheeled chairs around the room is inappropriate after teacher spends the first day of class on a scooter...) to why Grover is much cooler than Elmo ("There is a Monster at the End of this Book" anyone?")

A delightful, delightful evening.

Tourism can wait for another day; this one is all about hanging with the natives.

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