Thursday, March 10, 2011

Halt Before the Trees

In a life filled with tension and aggravations and those little notions that just pick pick pick at my psyche, I find it a necessary thing to get a regular injection of beauty.

Seriously, it is good for the soul to look away every now and again from the latest trending news or work related irritant and instead gaze on something that fills rather than empties.

I've found for me, a daily refreshment has been the photographs of Bryan Ballinger.

I subscribe to his site, so every now and then one of his new photos pops into my blogroll. If I'm wise, I take a few moments to enlarge the pic and soak it in.  They are just of an ordinary environment; from an ineffably extraordinary eye.

And they are a coolant to my spirit. (Although I must admit that sometimes "Small Thoughts" can be a little freaky!)

Please enjoy.

Just my thoughts,


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