Friday, March 11, 2011

Ah, Blissful Verona!

Today marks the day that Romeo and Juliet were married. Huzzah!

Research indicates that the star-crossed couple registered at Target. Here is a partial listing of their requested wedding presents:

-Wii Fencing
-Ronco Nose Thumber
-Waterford Poison Pestle and Mortar
-Adjoining Cemetery Plots
-An “I Killed Tybalt and All I Got Was This Bloody T-shirt” T-shirt
-Queen Mab’s Party-in-a-Box Kit
-A Wherefore Art Thou Brand GPS Device
-The Complete Series of “My So Called Life” on Blue Ray
-A “Hello My Name Is” silver fashion name tag, inscribed with the name “Rose”

Nice to see young kids get married; I’m sure this one won’t end in divorce!

Just my thoughts,



Josh Schulz said...

I actually got excited that Wii Fencing might be a real thing.

Gaffney said...

They do! Resort has sword battles (no decapitations, just whack your opponent off a platform); and Star Wars has light saber battles. Haven't played it, so I don't know if you can lop off the hands of bar patrons...