Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do You Think You're Who They Say You Are?

When I was a kid, my family started watching a movie on television after I had gone to bed. My mother thought that the movie was so important, especially for me, that she sent my brother to wake me and bring me downstairs.

That movie was the rock opera, JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR.

Thus for several decades the taunt was stuck in my head,

"Prove to me that you're no fool, walk across my swimming pool."

This Sunday, Bel Air Pres is screening the movie, and I've been asked to participate in a discussion about the film after the viewing.

Come on out, and you can ask me what song I think has the most daring lyrics in all of musical theater history. I just might surprise you.

Just my thoughts,


Bel Air Presbyterian Church
Invites you to our March Film Night

7:30pm (following the 6pm service) in the Discipleship Center

Bel Air Presbyterian Church
16221 Mulholland Dr.
All are welcome, No RSVP required!

“Jesus Christ - who are you? Do you think that you’re what they say you are?”
  The issue of “who is Jesus?” is the center of our Lenten meditation; deepen your own journey with a screening of the controversial rock opera that dared to ask that very question, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. After the screening, Reverend Kim Dorr-Tilley and Sean Gaffney will lead a spirited conversation through the irreverence, reverence and significance of this musical film centering on the passion of Christ .

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David Goulet said...

So for those of us not in the vicintiy of Bel Air, can you now divulge the those edgy musical lyrics?