Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Grab Bag

A couple things out there that caught my eye:

Phil has an interesting entry comparing two icons who recently passed.

Just found The Hollywood Roaster, an Onion for Hollywood. And this article is the one that made me giggle the most.

Richard Clark dives into why dumb movies are dangerous. His paragraph on "other, more sinister attributes" sounds like a section from my talk last Beacon. I would quibble with his notion that a movie being protested by the church is a good indicator of truthiness, but otherwise this is a thoughtfully provoking article. Final paragraph is my favorite.

Stephan Pastis, author of one of the funniest strips out there, contemplates bringing a lawyer into his feud with The Family Circus. (And for those not catching his tone, he is pals with the FC guys.)

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