Thursday, July 09, 2009

I am the guest speaker at Beacon this Sunday (the 12th) at my church, Bel Air Presbyterian. Beacon is a group with the goal to “equip, inspire and encourage believers in the entertainment industry.”

I’ll be talking about such trivial things as Truth and beauty, what makes films made by Christians different than other films (and yes, I will talk about low quality being one of those differentials), and why Americans so easily (and eagerly) get it wrong.

Sound controversial enough?

I wont’ be re-enacting the opening to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, which is the only thing I do that I know works every time. So without a gimme, I’m a bit nervous.

Wanna see me crash and burn? This Sunday, starting at 12:30 (well, they have some lunch and socialize at 12:30, talks usually start closer to 1pm).

Just my thoughts,



Anonymous said...

Maybe you could reenact the opening of "Up"! Break a leg,


Gaffney said...

Now there's an idea!

Sonya said...

YouTube it for us! ( I can actually see you sliding underneath that cave wall with that winningly perplexed Harrison Ford look on your face)

Linds said...

I second the youtube idea, being far too far away to attend in person!

Omar Poppenlander said...

Sean -

Sorry to miss you this time around; I very much enjoyed your last talk at Beacon. Please let us know how it went.