Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Not Savalas, the Other Telly

Last year I wrote a training video with Charity Parenzini for Seattle Children's Hospital. It was in the style of a sit-com, riffing on a Scrub's like premise.

Well, that little video just won a Telly award! I know, a Telly! Isn't that great?

I never thought I would win one of those. Of course, before today, I never knew what a Telly was.

We won the silver award, which is the highest they have. Just Silver and Bronze (those guys have a lot of categories, so they can't really afford gold). My category was "employee communication."

Other Telly winners range from a CSI episode to a cd-rom on pelvic diseases. So I'm in strangely linked company.

Just my thoughts,

The Award Winning Sean


Breadwig said...

Rock on you award winning Sean you, rock on. I don't spose you could post the vid...?

gilliebean said...

Awesome! Way to go! I know Charity. We both went to ORU.

David Goulet said...

What, no red carpet pics?!