Friday, March 20, 2009

Peanuts Pack Power

I just learned through Cynopsis that “Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.”

Cynopsis being an entertainment information site, I first thought, “Wow, what would Charlie Brown be doing in dynamite?”

But that sort of made sense, when I thought of the explosive power of Lucy’s five-fingered reasoning combined with the snap of Linus’ bull-whip blanket.

But then I realized they probably mean the Jimmy-Carter-Planters-Airline-Staple-Joke variety of peanuts.

Which brings up the whole dilemma of peanut allergies, as well as other things that inquiring minds want to know.

Question: Are terrorists now restricted from bringing bombs onto flights that are allergy safe zones?

Question: If enemy combatants have air-born peanut allergies, does a stick of dynamite constitute a WMD?

Question: Do we need to stockpile an equivalent number of jelly grenades?

Question: Does the pentagon have an Operation Fluffernutter?

Question: Does the FDA require all bomb manufacturers to list the fat and cholesterol content of their products?

All I can say is, GW Carver would be so proud.

Just my thoughts,



M Christopher said...

Which old TV show had the kids from the studio audience sitting in the Peanut Gallery? This news makes that seem slightly creepy, don't it?

David Goulet said...

So peanut butter is the equivalent of plastique? Does that make peanut butter cups the new C4? And peanut oil a type of nitro?

Looks like I'll be avoiding the Thai restaurants from now on.

Anonymous said...

And shouldn't someone bring in Mr. Peanut for questioning? Sure, he looks respectable with his top hat and monocle, but who is he REALLY?


Sonya said...

Not to mention the salmonella issue... check those recall lists!