Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Me Some Getty

What I am thankful for this week: Museums.

My small group sponsors art immersion workshops for Cloud & Fire, an outreach to at-risk inner city youth. Our last session was a trip to the Getty Center.

Among the activities (one suggested by the Getty) was a poem formula: study a painting, then create a poem by using a one word title, an action, a comparison, then a longer title.

Two of the kids, after noticing a halo effect on a painting of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns, wrote this:


Dying for us
Like a man.

God in the sunset.”

Hmmn. Guess they got inspired.

Just my thoughts,


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Sonya said...

This warms the heart. My own visit to The Getty years back was sterile and underwhelming (the art, that is -- because the impression of raw wealth simply overwhelmed). Also makes me happy to see you in the sunshine after years in the mole hole of 993 Amsterdam (ah, the mole hole... good times, good times).