Friday, March 27, 2009

72 Boxes of Dreams (And One OED)

Janet has lots of books – more than I ever had.

I’m envious of Janet.

Just had the image of Janet packing up and moving 3,000 Kindles.

Not quite the same thing.

Just my thoughts,


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Sonya said...

I love your friend's book images. Ahh, hard-cover books, the feel of the pages, the binding, etc. There are murmurings in the publishing industry about, "Why do we even need to release a hardcover version?" I am a big fan of audio books, less so of e-books. I get the economics and the cultural shifts, but reading, I feel, is a physical act, not purely a mental one. I wonder why it's so hard to affirm the fact that a book is as physical a thing as a painting? E-paintings? I don't think so...