Monday, October 06, 2008

Not Around Good Behavior...

Another steal from friend Jeff:

Here's a blogpost I found especially interesting of late, as I fairly recently had to deal with some script notes along the lines that L.B. Graham warns against.

Here's a taste from his blog.

"Christianity is not about moralism, and Christian fiction shouldn’t be either. Christianity revolves, not around good behavior, but around God’s mercy shown to man in the death and resurrection of Christ. However, even though we know this to be theologically true, I think we struggle to remember this as we go about our daily lives, and one of the places where we really struggle to remember it is in our engagement with the arts in general, but as fiction is our topic, we’ll limit our reflection here to that."

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David Goulet said...

Which may explain why so many of the best "Christian" films are made by people who are trying anything but.

Classic example: Lagaan. It's a Bollywood film written and directed by Hindus and Muslims. Yet it may be one of the best Christ-stories I've ever seen.

Take the story where the Spirit moves you. You'll never go wrong.