Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If Only John & Barack Shared a Drink Tonight...

In honor of the last presidential debate, I bring you a little perspective from our friends to the North.

David posted this in response to an earlier journal entry:

The American founding fathers sure said a lot of profound things. Compare that to our first Canadian PM, Sir John A Macdonald.

His most quoted one-liner?

At an outdoor debate he was waiting for his opponent to end his speech. The guy went on and on, so Sir John started sipping from his water glass, which was actually stocked with gin.

The combination of strong sun and strong gin made poor Sir John rather green in the gills. When he finally stepped to the podium for his rebuttal, he threw up. He calmly wiped his mouth and stared seriously at the shocked crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the speech given by my opponent has made me sick!"

Thunderous applause.

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