Thursday, October 02, 2008

Control Issues

Colleague Rob Kirbyson wrote and directed a short film that has garnered much attention, and deservedly so.

"Control Z" stars Tony Hale (who I keep thinking I know, because we have so many friends in common that I re-forget that we only met a few times) and Zach Levi (who I worked with on a reading, before he created the role of Chuck, for no other reason than to keep Catherine and I deliciously entertained – thanks, Zach!)

Once you’ve enjoyed the movie, come back for a few more thoughts.

See – it was fun, wasn’t it?

And not just fun, it also has a little bit (just a little, let’s not go crazy) of a bite.

Notice Tony’s character is given an opportunity to go back and correct any mistake he wants. Don’t we all wish for such a chance?

And notice that he doesn’t use it to go back and correct his mistakes.

Instead, he intentionally makes new mistakes (intentional mistakes? Get me a dictionary…), knowing he has a “get out of trouble free” card.

Hmmm… saying perhaps a tad about human and sin natures?

Poor Tony is forced to live with his choices – there really isn’t a “get out of trouble free” card, after all. Especially knowing, as the assistant points out, our choices form who we are.

Now I’m regretting typing “intentionally makes new mistakes.” Let’s see, control and, where’s that button…

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David Goulet said...

A gem of a short here. I liked how the action he takes which is vengeful, comes back to bite him. But being honest about his crush bears fruit. The two edged sword that is Truth.

From a Christian perspective, is Jesus our Control Z? Get out of Hell free. How does that knowledge embolden us? Does it make you self righteous? Or does it give you the guts to be honest with the people you love?

Thanks for bringing this thought-provoker to my attention.