Friday, March 14, 2008

A Movie's a Movie, No Matter How Great

I was hoping for Horton to hit – and it looks like I hoped not in vain. Here is a strong review, made even stronger by being in Suessian style.

Thanks to Jeff for pointing the way to this critique. (Congrats, by the way, on AURALIA going into it’s second printing. Wahoo!)

Looking forward to seeing the flick myself.

Also looking forward to this one:

Early buzz in strong – including whispers (just whispers mind you) of the possibility that a superhero pic might get a few acting noms next award season.

Yeah, I’m jazzed.

Just as jazzed for this guy:

Everything from the trailers to the rumor mill makes it sound like they did this one just right. I may find myself liking the movie even more than the comic book (Robert D -- you charismatic devil you).

So there’s one for Marvel, one for DC, and one for Suess. It’s a good time to be an adult who likes cartoons.

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