Friday, March 28, 2008

Laughs, Frenzy and Brooms

Gonna be another busy weekend.

Cath is not only starring in a short film being shot (and, yes, if only she would blog more herself, y'all might have known more about it!) by stage manager for BADD's comedy show.

I'm also working the show ('natch) -- if you are in SoCal, you should come and see it. And if you aren't, you should at list click the link for the fun graphic and song.

I'm also prepping mentally for Script Frenzy -- 100 hundred pages of script in one month. Crazy, I know. But quality is not a requirement, and I'm good at doing things without quality.

Wait, that didn't sound right...
Oh, one last thing -- for those who have been rabidly following the college games, here's an update of how Middlebury is doing (thanks for the link, alumnus Tamara).

What, no Middlebury in your bracket?

Oh, I didn't mean that silly basketball thingee, I meant the true sport of quidditch (as played by muggles).

Somewhere, I can feel it, Janet is smiling...

Just my thoughts,



Nathan said...

Um, I think the link to the Bel Air drama dept is doubly broken.

brianjwalton said...

Hi Sean. I actually had you as a prof a few years ago for Biola's film and lit interterm class.

Also thought I would mention that I too am participating in the frenzy (34 pages!)

But really I would like to hear your opinion on something. A friend of mine told me recently about the Art Within Us screenwriting fellowship. I was looking at their site and noticed that your name came up a few times. So, if possible, I would love to hear your opinion on it.

You can email me if you like at

and good luck with the frenzy