Thursday, May 17, 2007

Signs of the Times

One can tell a lot about a state based on its billboards.

For example, Nevada is mostly interested in three things: gambling, what shows can be seen while gambling, and what foods can be eaten cheaply while gambling.

What they haven’t learned is that places with names like “Gas & Go” should not lead by bragging about their discount breakfast meats.

Utah has a lot of signs asking drowsy drivers to exit the road; just one way the state admits that they can be a bit boring.

Utah also has a remarkable number of billboards advertising “modest” swimwear; whereas California does public service by showcasing exactly what “modest swimwear” means – by negative example.

So far, Wyoming’s billboards we've seen have been monopolized by the hotel in Little America. This town has a population of 56. Yea, 56.

The hotel has 150 rooms. Just about three rooms for each resident. So I guess we can’t fault them for overselling in an attempt to bring in outsiders.

Only so often can you rent a room to cousin Leo before you're desperte for a tourist or two to stop by.

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