Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Generations of History

Sean & I had the opportunity to see Mount Rushmore for the first time last week.

The magnitude of what these four men did to extablish, expand, protect and preserve our nation was overwhelming.

That evening, the ranger asked anyone who had served in the armed forces to come down to the front along with their spouses. These men then retired the flag for the evening. It was wonderful to honor these men with our applause.

What I didn't expect were the tears that began to pour down my face as they passed the microphone down the line and each person told where and when they served. Everything from WWII to Iraq was represented. We kept clapping and crying until my hands were stinging and my face was sopping. We are blessed.

This photo of our niece Genavieve is one of my favorites from our trip.

There is something about the younger generation in bright life directly in front of the past in grey stone that is both delightful and profound.

From our travels,


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Anonymous said...

Precious picture! Thom and I had ours taken in the very same spot after Act One'00. We stopped because we'd never been, and can't resist cheesy tourist traps - and ended up having one of the most surprising, moving, patriotic travel experiences of our lives. Thanks for the reminder - glad you're home!