Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Park Avenue ... Utah!

We took a lot of pictures while on our road trip. So, for a few days, this blog will be turning into a photo album. Hope you don't mind.

This was taken at our first stop in ARCHES NATIONAL PARK at a grouping of rocks called "Park Avenue". (I highly recommend stopping here anytime you are driving the 70 from Colorado through Utah. And take the 128 scenic byway to get there - we'll post pictures of that journey soon.)

From our travels,


Linds said...

That shot is one of my favorites in the park. One of my very happiest memories is my Dad waking me up before dawn, and the two of us sneaking out of the motel room with our cameras while Mom and Cameron snoozed. We drove into the park and watched the sunrise, and the image of the glowing sunlight on Park Avenue that morning is seared into my mind's eye.

Only one more day of finals, and then the summer is ours to hit the open road. Your blog is giving me such wanderlust!

Anonymous said...

I think I know what place Lucasfilm's CGI guys knocked off for the Tatooine Pod Racer backgrounds...

Anonymous said...

Wow.It really does look like the pod race background. Thanks for making the connection. I never would have.