Sunday, May 13, 2007

If It Applies...

I heard an odd little phrase on the radio today.

The nice voice of NPR said, “Have a happy Mothers’ Day.”

Okay, that wasn’t odd. But the follow up was: “Have a happy Mothers’ Day, if that applies.”

If that applies? When wouldn’t it apply?

Upon reflection, I suppose she meant, “if you are a mother.”

I’ve never thought of Mother’s Day as being exclusive to mommies, like Valentine’s Day to lovers, or Easter to Christians, or St. Patrick’s Day to people who like to drink beer.

It always seemed more to me like Presidents’ Day, which is meant as a day for everyone to honor Presidents and buy discounted bed linens. Sure, George slept in a lot of places, and Abe has a famous bedroom, but those sales couldn’t be just for them, could they?

So if you are a mother, happy Mother’s day. And if you aren’t a mother, happy Mother's Day to you too.

Just my thoughts,



Anonymous said...

I think those who have gone through the process of a 19 hour and up labor and then the birth may have a different opinion.

Gaffney said...

So you think that such a person would not expect everyone to honor mothers? I guess I just haven't met the moms that don't expect non-moms to be active participants in the day. I mean, who's gonna make the messy breakfast-in-bed?