Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Annette!

April 29th, is my sister's birthday!

Last week, my great aunt, Marge, sent me a package that included this postcard. (It was found wile going through her mother-in-law's belongings after great, great aunti donna had passed away.)

I find this piece of history to be amazing:

1) Check out the date stamp: April 30th - that means my mom sent these out the day after Annette was born... or had them all ready to go, and someone else filled out the details and sent them. Either way, she was WAY too organized!

2) A postcard stamp was only 6 cents. Wild!

3) It was mailed from Half Moon Bay...that just makes me happy. That was our first home (til I was about 10).

4) The little elf on the front side cracks me up. How's that for a slice of early 70s art?

5) She was born at 5:39 in the morning. I never knew that. I wonder if she'll mind if I call her at that exact time tomorrow?

6) I was 8lb 12oz. Annette was 8lb 14oz. Mom stopped before she had a 9lb baby!!

7) I am so grateful to Marge for sending this to me and in awe that Aunti Donna held on to it for so long. Thanks for the memories!

I love you Annette!

PS: More trivia: Not only do Sean & I have dads with the same name - Wayne...but we both have sisters with April 29th birthdays. So - Happy Birthday Mary! Sorry, I couldn't find your birth announcement postcard.

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