Friday, April 06, 2007

Flowers or Fruit

I was walking in our park this week and noticed the flowers on the trees. Beautiful.

The only sad part was that many of the flowers had fallen off and were being trampled on the track.

As I lamented the squished blossoms, God reminded me that the goal of the tree is the FRUIT not the FLOWER.

So, I began to reflect how I mix those up in my life. I really like the good stuff, the big blessings, the "flowers" and I don't like letting go of them at all. But (metaphorically speaking) if I hold on to the flowers forever, I'm stunting my ability to bear fruit. Am I really more concerned with looking pretty? Do I mourn the flowers falling? Do I curse God because it's easier to see the flower part, and sometimes not as quick and easy to see the fruit?

Wondering as I walk...


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