Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clare Sailing

I'm not one to brag about successes of friends as if they were my own, boring you with my six degrees of separation and standing just down the block from fame and glory. So I shan't.

Oh, on a personal, unrelated note: Hey, Alice, our friend Clare Sera was mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter.

Just my thoughts,



Clare said...

Woo hoo! Wheeee! Can't deny that's fun to read.
Nice brief visit yesterday. heh heh. I said brief.

DanBuck said...

Yay! Clare!

I can one day say "I knew her when she was a Curious George flunkie" :)

aliceb said...

Thank you Sean for proclaiming it! Yeehaw! I've been praying for this one for a Looong time (in my time not G-d's time, n'est ce pas?)
I feel ashamed that I didn't post it on my own blog, so thanks for not bragging but rather reminding me to brag!!!!!