Monday, April 30, 2007

Don't Drive Away From Home Without It

Sean & I are planning a road trip to South Dakota in 3 weeks.

So, I'm filling up the ipod with lots of good tunes. And I wondered ... what are your favorite road trip tunes (songs, artists, albums, compilations)?

Please write in with your favorites.

Just to get an idea of our eclectic tastes, here's a small sampling of the ipod collection so far:

Lots of soundtracks - including Big River, Little Shop of Horrors, Hoodwinked, Fellowship the musical, Little Mermaid, The Commitments, etc (we like to sing along!)

Sean's story music - Harry Chapin, Roger Miller

My 80's music - B-52's Cosmic Thing, Huey Lewis & The News

And then random stuff - The Monkeys, The Mills Brothers & Boswell Sisters, Norah Jones, Katie Freeze, Sting, Amy Grant, etc.

We're waiting to read your responses!

If you had to drive for 22 hours tomorrow, what music would you HAVE TO HAVE with you?


Linds said...

David Wilcox "Songs and Stories Too" (a must have), James Taylor (Never Die Young is my favorite), and Big Star (anything), Cold War Kids (good groove to keep you going when you're tired), The Planets (if you're going to be driving through anything majestic), Waterdeep "Sink or Swim", Indigo Swing, and any Caedmon's Call (especially good for driving through Texas or somewhere likewise homey).

We're a road trippin' kind of family. That's just the tip of the iceberg. I didn't even visit the musical soundtracks (Big River for sure, and did you know you can sing the entire Les Miserables soundtrack with time to spare driving from LA to San Jose?), or the movie soundtracks (highly recommend Hans Zimmer for majestic scenery - Spirit and Gladiator are fab for Yellowstone), or the classical stuff (gotta go with Tchaikovsky for Yellowstone, but Rachmaninoff for Yosemite).

But trust me on the David Wilcox album. Wonderful!

janet said...

The ultimate road trip music is Kraftwerk's "Autobahn." Iconic, thematic, hypnotic.

Jennnifer said...

Everyone has their own musical tastes and mine are more eclectic than yours so I won't even try, but consider downloading podcasts.

You can find them on virtually any subject that may interest one or both of you from AP on Broadway (behind the scenes stories), ATW Working in the Theater, Masterworks Broadway Theater, to Christian speakers from Catalyst, or sermons by people like Rob Bell or Erwin McManus to issues of God in Culture from Dallas Theological Seminary, to specialized podcasts from NPR or National Geographic, or speciailzed content from Grammer to Manners.

The best part is they are all free!

If you want to spend a few bucks, check out Donald Miller's webpage/store for a few of his talks. Always insightful and humorous.

Not only can you drive and learn but some of these will stimulate some great discussions as well, which is a good thing when you're in the car for 22 hours.

Now if none of that works for you, bag the trip and come to Atlanta for the world premiere of a hot new show called DEADLINE....

tam said...

roadtrips and music - best combo ever!

My pics:

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago esp.

Early Springsteen

Any Weezer eat and to listen!

and if you wanna sing along...Grease! is always fun...

Have a great time!