Sunday, August 13, 2006

Play Day

I relaxed today.

Slept in a bit.

Drove to a southern beach, only to decide that the waves were too unruly to deal with. Drove back.

Cath slept on the ride, while I listened to Unsung Broadway. Sat in the car after arrival to finish hearing "New Words" from One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

Lounged on the lanai and read while watching the ocean. Finally got a copy of Sheryl Anderson's Killer Cocktail. More on that later.

Catherine read The Kite Runner while I took a nap. And by read, I mean she started and finished it in one sitting. Which gives you an idea of how long I napped.

We did some laundry, and strolled up to Mickey D's for a hot fudge sundae while waiting for the clothes to spin.

Made dinner of grapes and chips and other random found items.

Watched the sun set. Over the ocean. From our lanai.

Nothing profound here; no wisdom twist to this post.

I'm merely bragging.

Just my thoughts,


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