Monday, August 28, 2006

Middle of Nower: Part Three – Small Town Ideas

So Joel has an idea – a one-line idea that seems to have potential.

Joel and I work well together for a number of reasons. We are honest with each other – crucial for our craft to improve. We can take honesty from each other – crucial if we are to keep from crumbling into sobbing puddles during each session.

Also, we agree a lot on what moves us, tickles us, and what we respect in writing.

Another added benefit for this particular project – we both know small towns.

You see, that idea of Joel’s goes like this: After a failed project, a Hollywood producer is forced to live in a small town.

Pretty complex, huh?

So Joel and I started by reminiscing about our small town experiences. I grew up in a village (thank you, Union Springs, for being such a fertile ground for tiny town stories!); and Joel continued his town affiliations throughout adulthood in touring and summer stock.

So we talked about the controversy that tore a town apart – whether putting a stop light on main street was the same as giving in to decadent modern culture.

We talked about the guy that everyday would sit on the hood of his truck, watching downtown from nine to five, and then head home.

We talked about the town in the middle of nowhere that after the factory closed decided to save itself by becoming a tourist destination.

We talked about the lady at the bank that knows way too much about everybody’s everything.

And in these preliminary conversations, we came to a few conclusions.

One: Small towns are funny.

Two: Small towns are full of funny people.

Three: We like small towns.

Whatever world we were going to develop, no matter how much fun we were going to have, we would ultimately respect and honor these people.

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