Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Personal Superhero

I've bragged before about my Superhero connection -- how influential I have been in the creation of X-Men III and Return of Superman. Well, not really influential, but I did... Well, I didn't do anything. But I have a friend that worked on the movies, in the background.

Karen Whipple Schnurr was a vocalist in the score of both those films, as well as a featured singer in Ice Age 2 (one of the ravenous buzzards singing "Food, glorious food!). Karen is not only a good friend, but a member of my church drama group -- a very gifted actress.

Well, here's another reason to brag on Karen: she is the featured vocalist of the month for ProSingers Access -- the insider site for professional singers. Go to the site and click on her picture, and you can listen to her sing! (You can also learn that she is an expert in "oohing" AND "aahing," and that she can be charming!)

You rock, Karen!

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Alice Bass said...

Love those Whipples! I met Karen when she was with VOL right before they moved to LA. She may not remember me but I got to hear her sing when I got the fabulous Janis Whipple into Epcot to see & hear Karen. They are a talented group. Congrats to Karen!