Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Retreating and Teaching

Oops. It's been a week since we last posted anything. Sorry for the delay.


Our church drama team (Bel Air Drama Department - also known as B.A.D.D.) was on a spiritual and artistic retreat in Montecito. Perfect location. Great worship, prayer, seminars on voice overs and on-camera technique, small group time. Good stuff. Sean & I are quite blessed to serve alongside these crazy and talented friends. (Bowling a 135 on the last day, was pretty fun for me too!)

Actually, I'm staying at work. But today, Sean is off to Kansas City to teach at the national Lillenas Music & Drama Worship Conference.

His classes include the following:

The Use of Drama in the Church
A look at the many uses of drama in the church, from scripture readings to outreach productions. We'll discuss what to expect of drama, the most common mistakes made by churches that under-use or negate the power of drama, and the difference between what churches say they want and what they really need.

Playwriting: Writing Dialogue That Sounds Right
In a play most of what you write will be dialogue. This class will help you develop an ear for good dialogue, and learn tricks that help make dialogue flow.

Playwriting: Stronger Characters and Stronger Scenes
Taking cues from the classics, this class provides insight to evaluating your script for strengths and weaknesses. We also explore practical means for deepening character and getting your scenes to sing.

A Work in Progress
Receive feedback on your writing from a professional writer and an editor. Those interested must register for this class and submit a cutting from their original work prior to December 17, 2005. In class, Sean and Kim Messer will offer feedback on the writing. Limited number of scripts accepted. Click here for details and to pre-register. All are welcome to sit in on the discussion.

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DanBuck said...

Is it wrong for me to hate you for having such a vibrant and talented group of theatre artists at your finger tips?

Because, I do.... hate you.

Lillenas is where I first met you. Not literally, I read a handful of your scripts there before I met you face to face (cue the Disney Dolls) it's a small world.

Check this out...
It's a treatise of sorts (misson statement and values for the church drama team I headed up here in Orlandy.) I've since left the church because I realized I was a presbyterian trapped in a Baptists' body, but the principles here are still ones I stand by.