Friday, February 17, 2006

Making HOUSE Calls

Just an insight to my guilty pleasures: I like HOUSE. I mean the TV show; I'm not complaining about apartment living. But watching Hugh Laurie play American grump so well that I keep forgetting that he is the brilliant Brit from the BLACK ADDER series is pure fun.

Why "guilty" pleasure? Because I know that every episode has the same plot. Patient arrives with weird symptoms; House reluctantly takes the case; misdiagnosed which causes a medical emergency to end act one; finds out a secret to end act two; the secret didn't solve the problem so there is another med emergency; find the answer and administer despite protests of patient/lawyer/adminstrator/residents; cure patient.

Hey, the plot is only an excuse to spend time with the characters. And insights like in "Three Stories" or "Damned If You Do" from last season make the visits worthwhile.

Of course, I'm partial to Oscar the Grouch as well.

Just my thoughts,



Chris Hansen said...


I've been enjoying reading your insights (I'm a HOUSE fan, too, btw).

Anyway, you’ve inspired me to blog...

Writing mostly about screenwriting and filmmaking endeavors, with perhaps the occasional review and (if I'm lucky) the rare intelligent insight into... something.

This Girl said...

House. What a great show. That's all I have to say about that.

Really, it's not even a guilty pleasure. I watch it to see how the characters develop. I watch it to see signs of caring in Dr. House. I watch it to see if the other doctors will grow smarter. And I watch it because I laugh. I laugh because I'm going to be that curmudgeonly when I am older. I can't do it now, I care to much what other people think. It's a great show and as long as it's as exciting and introspective as it has been, I'll keep watching.

This Girl said...

I also like the theme song. Alot. My husband picks at me, but I do.

Chris Hansen said...

i really liked seeing the cracks in House's emotional armor this week -- asking for help, actually caring a bit, realizing he was being helped by a placebo. Good stuff (and way to go, Cuddy).

Gaffney said...

Yeah, Cuddy revealing that she gave him a placebo shot (in the spine, that had to hurt for a placebo) was perfectly set up. What could House say? Complain that it is unethical to give a patient fake medicine?

The end of "Distraction" from the week before was devastating. How far he would sink...


Chris Hansen said...

i was thinking this week that, in some ways, the character of House must be easy to write -- just think of the most insulting or un-PC thing to say in any given situation, and he will say it.

but this week, even though he did that, he was also showing another side (actually, he shows that other side often)... and i was reminded what a delicate balance the writers tread between House just being an arrogant jerk and really being a person who refuses to show his vulnerability to anyone.

i mean, he's still an arrogant jerk. but with a heart ;-)