Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How Much Is That DOOGAL In the Window?

Since I post about HOODWINKED alot, I've been pointed to notices regarding DOOGAL, which in some ads was touted as "from the creators of HOODWINKED." Well, here's what I've been able to find out...

DOOGAL was not directed or conceived by the three gents that brought us HOODWINKED (Cory, Todd and Tony). The team did do a rewrite a year ago, but another set of writers rewrote them -- and the HOODWINKED folk will not be getting writing credit on the movie.

Apparently DOOGAL is a major television show in England, and the movie opened there to huge success. For the American release, the producers wanted more American actors and a less British humor. Hence the big stars and rewrites. But the animation was completed prior to the involvement of our Hooded friends.

Cory, Todd and Tony are definitely set to write HOODWINKED TWO: HOOD VS. EVIL, as well as the animated sci-fi feature ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, which Tony will direct.

And that's all I know. Seriously, don't ask me any math questions, because I don't know anymore.


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