Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Our friend's movie, HOODWINKED, stayed in the top ten this past weekend -- making number ten. Five weeks in the top ten, even with the newer family entertainment competition of the likes of NANNY MCPHEE (#7) and CURIOUS GEORGE (#3).

Hang in there, Twitchy!

Oh, and here's the French poster -- apparently it takes a whole lot of words to say "Hoodwinked" in French.


Jodi Shilling said...

Love your blog, Sean.

You know, they should have called it "La Hoodwinked," but I think it's "The Alternate History of Little Red Hood." ...or something like that. ...must have been too simple for La French.


Anonymous said...

The official academy-approved French translations are ALWAYS longer and more complex than the Franglish improvs they replace.

Pity French'll be a dead language in another century, when Europe will be speaking Arabic...