Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beauty and the Coach

This day in history:  in 1993, Cheers ends its 11 year run.

My favorite character from Cheers was Coach; and the scene that solidified that was the one I have below.

In this episode, Coach’s daughter has come to visit, her obnoxious fiancée in tow.  Coach hates the boyfriend, and thinks his daughter deserves better.

She, however, is more pragmatic – she knows that she is a homely girl.  It isn’t a question of what she deserves; it’s the reality of what an unattractive woman such as herself can get.

In the climatic scene, father and daughter have a truth-off: he tells her what he really thinks of the fiancée, and she tries to force dad to face the facts about her.

You see, he keeps saying that she is beautiful; but she finally gets him to stop seeing her as his little girl – with obligatory rose colored glasses - and see her as she truly is.

And the truth of her attractiveness at last, - painfully, but at long last - comes to light.

Insert here your own take on what this demonstrates to us about love/faith/beauty.

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David Goulet said...

As good as Woody was as a replacement, Coach had moments like this that no one on the series could ever touch.

A classic scene. A teaching scene.

Anonymous said...

Great scene. Great writing and acting.

Linds said...

Great scene, indeed. And Nate points out that last bit between Sam and Diane is straight out of Guys and Dolls. Charming!

Clare said...

Whoa! That freaked me out. It's Pie'n Burger. I wonder if that episode stuck in my writing psyche?!! Um, it was a tribute film, yeah, that's it...not plagiarism...