Monday, May 10, 2010

Proverbs 17:17

This weekend I volunteered at a fundraiser carnival.  One of my jobs was as the bouncy house bouncer.

In clubs, bouncers are big guys with bald heads.  At bouncy houses, bouncers are guys with big bald spots.

Anywho, my job was to tell the kids to stop pushing, punching or jumping on top of each other.

Two kids ignored me when I yelled, “No pushing!”  I had to point them out and yell again, “NO PUSHING!”

The kids looked at me incredulous, not believing I could be referring to them.

“But…” one began, trying to figure out how to make me understand.

“But… but we’re brothers!”

Ah, I understood.

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

This little post just confirmed my theme for a new story I'm working on. Thanks for sharing.

Gaffney said...

Clearly something that one of eight can relate to.