Thursday, March 04, 2010

Goodness Soured

My friend Jim had a theory that all sins, at their root, are Godly desires perverted. 
Lust, in essence, comes from a knowing that we were made to be loved, and trying to coerce a physical substitute of that feeling. 
Greed comes from a knowing that we are heirs to a kingdom, and attempting to seize those riches out of time.
Envy would spring from the knowing that we are special, and trying to force that in comparison to others.
And on.
Still playing with what I think about Jim’s grand idea, but I do agree with how it reinforces a basic theorum:  any good taken to an extreme can be perverted to a bad.
I suppose that’s why this video resonates with me, as the Mars Hill guy addresses how some religious goods can go sour.
Just my thoughts,

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David Goulet said...

Finally got around to viewing this. Wow! This guy encapsulates in 9 minutes a mountain of truth. Thanks for posting this. I feel vindicated in my own beliefs.

This is the type of spirituality that could transform the world (again).