Monday, March 08, 2010

And the Oscar Went To...

For anyone who ever asks me about Hollywood, keep in mind that I only got half my announced Oscar predictions right.

In other words, I batted a .500, which if you go by baseball standards, makes me a genius.

Too bad not everyone goes by the baseball standard...

Just my thoughts,


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David Goulet said...

The Oscars are to movie awards what the Pro-Bowl is to the NFL. Interesting to watch, but not a real indicator of the best of the best.

My questions this time round: was UP nominated for both best animated film and best picture overall? Kinda tips your hands doesn't it? So if Coraline wins best animated film, as some critics argued it should have, doesn't it prove animated films don't need their own category but can go head to head with live action?

Was Avatar live-action or animated?

Hurt Locker - good film. Best of the year or best of the nominated films? hmmm.

Check Farrah Fawcett's movie list on IMDB. Then compare with Michael Jackson's. Who deserved to be memorialized at a motion picture award show more?