Friday, March 05, 2010

And the Oscar Goes To...

Here are my predictions for the Oscars.  I do this every year so I can brag on Monday about how right I was.
Or so I can ignore that I ever made public my really lame predictions on Monday.
Truth is, like everyone in Hollywood, I don’t know nothing, but I talk like I do.
So here it is:
BEST ACTOR:  Clooney is getting better every year, Firth deserves to be in the running, but it is Jeff Bridges’ turn to take home the trophy.   And I don’t know many who are complaining about that.
BEST ACTRESS:  I’d like to see Bullock get it (she won’t); Mulligan is delightful and shoulda been a serious contender; and Sidibe’s performance was very strong (her supporting players had much to do with that).  When all is said and done, Streep is the one giving the acceptance speech.
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Plummer gave a marvelous performance, but couldn’t lift the role above the lame script (same with Mirren, above).  Hey, can anyone tell me why Plummer is up for supporting, and Mirren for Leading?  Just wondering.  Oh, the Oscar goes to Waltz, the only win for Inglourious tonight.
SUPPORTING ACTRESS:  It’s all Mo’Nique’s.  Can’t think of a better performance in any category in recent years.
CINEMATOGRAPHY:  Are animated movies eligible for cinematography?  If not, Harry Potter gets it.  (Just kidding, Avatar gets it).
COSTUME DESIGN:  This is a cool category, because I haven’t seen any of the nominations.  Coco Before Chanel – isn’t that about clothes design?  Embarrassing for them if they don’t get the statuette.  Just saying.
SOUND EDITING & SOUND MIXING:   Star Trek gets a twofer.
ANIMATED FEATURE:  Up.  Shoulda won Best Picture, but oh well.
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY:  Both Up In the Air and An Education kept me talking about the movie for days – should count for something, right?  Up In the Air wins the prize.
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY:  Should be Up.  Not gonna be, but that won’t stop me from saying it:  Up takes the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.
Director:  The Ex-Mrs. James Cameron; Hurt Locker makes history.
Best Picture:  The Ex-Mr. Kathryn Bigelow’s Avatar.  Why be king of just one world?  Not so unobtainiumable after all.
Just my thoughts,

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