Friday, June 05, 2009

Must See Theater and Must See TV!

When Cath and I road trip, we have a required set of music that must be listened to.

The Monkees.

Little Shop of Horrors.

Big River.

And the cast album of Fellowship! The Musical Parody of “The Fellowship of the Ring!”

Fellowship is back, and opens tonight at the Falcon Theater in Burbank. (Go here for a behind the scenes vid of Fellowship.)

When it first ran, I saw the show multiple times, and never got tired of it.

Gotta laugh at Frodo, who keeps leaving the ring lying around; or the Balrog and his cabaret number (the band used to be larger, but he got hungry); or that other hobbit that no one remembers (“Which one are you again?).

Take this moment of insight (in song), when Gimli the dwarf and Legolas the elf realize that they just might have more in common then they thought:

Gimli: So your men look like women!
Legolas: And your women look like men!
Gimli: It’s true.

Hee hee.

I’ll be seeing it next week, and I’m sure multiple times after that.

Why not opening week? Well, I may have mentioned:

Releve Studios is showcasing: Must See TV!

See the blog below for more details.

Cath said the rehearsal last night rocked the house.

And when it is all done on Sunday, I get my wife back! Woo hoo!

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Linds said...

Big River!!! I love that one for a roadtrip. :)