Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Look On the Bright Side of Life...

Peter Chattaway has an rather interesting comparison of SPARTACUS, THE LIFE OF BRIAN and the life of Jesus.

Pretty nifty introspection from someone who is a fan of all three of those stories.

As for me, I'm one of those guys that when push comes to shove, would probably say, "Oh, that Spartacus?! Well, of course I'm not that one. Are you looking for that fellow over there? Yoo hoo, Sparty, I think these guys are looking for you. He's so shy."

But that's just me.

Just my thoughts,


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David Goulet said...

What's interesting to also consider is the group dynamics. Peter, who was ready to fight in the Garden to protect Jesus, mere hours later denies Christ when he is confronted alone.

I wonder how many of Spartacus' men would have been so selfless if caught alone?

Or how many people would have screamed for Christ's execution if facing him alone -- one on one?

The article also makes me think of the film Ice Age. Recall when the good guys save the sabre cat -- much to his surprise. Ray Romano's mammoth says, "That's what you do in a herd -- you look out for each other."

Sometimes. But most often herd animals flee in the face of danger and leave the weakest, oldest and sickest to be taken by predators.

In that regard we humans can be very herd-like indeed.