Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Musical So Nice, I'm Seeing It Twice

Cath and I had a rollicking good time revisiting Fellowship! The Musical a couple of weeks ago; and we're going again tomorrow night.
Yep, I like it that much.
There is an interview (along with the behind-the-scenes video I mentioned earlier) by Backstage on the website, check it out. It includes a few clips from the show.
I am now longing for a revisit of the originals -- both the book (admittedly, in my top books of all time category), and the films. I wonder if work would notice me disappearing for a couple of weeks...
Just my thoughts,

Don't miss FELLOWSHIP! Now playing at the Falcon Theatre!The Critics are Raving!
"Laugh Loudly and enjoy yourself! With a romping score by Allen Simpson and funny lyrics by the strength and combined efforts of the comedically gifted cast..." - Backstage
"The cast is all-around splendid...McCrary's direction, Spear's choreography, and Simpson and Rouse's musical direction... couldn't be better."
"Manically madcap!...creatively kooky..." - Tolucan Times
"...sublimely silly spoof..." -LA Times
"Every player is a comedic gem!" -Backstage


M Christopher said...

Just curious -- did you ever read National Lampoon's classic "Bored of the Rings"? I thought it was hysterical when I was an adolescent but havent' read it in years. Something about the picture you posted made me think of it...


Gaffney said...

Ah yes. I remember only two things about that book -- it had some naughty bits (don't recall what the naughty bits were, just the thrill of knowing I was reading a book that was bawdy) and a pun that has stuck with me throughout the years: the pounding from the depths of the mines of Moria turned out to be a bouncing basketball: yes, it was the dreaded Ballhog!